Whether you have been dating for years or you are a beginner, you could always use you a little dating advice. Not the kind, which you receive from your mother, but the kind from a gay man to another.

Have you ever thought about online dating? Well why not. A lot of people are doing it and in this fast pace moving world, who has the time or energy to meet their match in traditional ways. Online dating has became a standard and is winning in the acceptability.

One of the most important things when dating online is to write a very good profile. If you are not a good author, then this might be something you should worry about. Before you write your profile, find out, how others see you, so that you describe yourselves more accurately. You probably don’t see yourself the way others see you, the best way is to ask your friends to write up a description about you.

Always include some information about your views and the way you see the society, politics, etc. If others do not share your views, this might be a big problem. Why not try an find the best match right off the bat?

Always use your best photo online, but make sure it is a recent photo. You don’t want to mislead others and disapoint them when they meet you. If you use an older photo that doesn’t look like you today, then make sure you mention that fact.

There are number of free online dating services or most offer free versions with limited features. Most good online dating services that work cost money or you have to pay additional for premium services. Most free services only allow the free members to talk to each other and premium members to to talk to each other.

Some people are on several dating sites, so if you decide to join a few, a good thing to do is that when you find someone you like, to look on other dating sites for their username to see if they also have more information about them somewhere else or their information matches. Most people usually use the same usernames everywhere.

Once you meet someone and make a connection, talk to them via email or chat a few times and ask as many questions as you can and a few pictures, before you move on talking to them view phone or meeting them. Pictures are very important. From personal experience, you should not meet someone who didn’t provide a pictures, as you may be dissapointed.

For you first meeting, pick a public place to meet. It is a scary world out there being a Gay man. There are horror stories of gay men being beaten up just walking to their cars late at night in gay neighborhoods. A couple of my friends who were actually straight had gone to a club in a gay neighborhood one night and got attacked with baseball bats while walking to their cars. Both of them ended up in hospital one with broken nose and the other one with broken bones on his face. You never know who is the person that wants to meet you and it could possibly be some gay bashers with their friends setting you up. So make sure you always have as much info about the person you are meeting and verify their phone number.

If your meeting goes successfully and you end up dating for a few weeks, you should take down your own profile and also check if your match took down their profile. If both of you are serious you should both take down your profiles

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